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Utility Distribution Systems Design Engineer

Marshalls Energy Company
MAJURO Atoll, Marshall Islands 96960
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RMI: Majuro Power Network Strengthening Project


A. Background

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is one of the Small Island Developing States located in the Central Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Guam, which faces several development challenges, including small land area, limited resources, remoteness, vulnerability to natural disasters and external shocks, etc. The country consists of 29 atolls and five isolated islands (24 of which are inhabited) and has a total land mass of just 181km2, which is set in an ocean area of over 1.9 million km2. RMIs population is estimated at about 53,000, of which over half are resident in the capital city of Majuro.
The key stakeholders in the energy sector include the Marshalls Energy Company (MEC), the Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utility Authority (KAJUR), the Division of International Development Assistance (DIDA) within the Ministry of Finance, and the Energy Planning Division (EPD).
The energy sector is curently elligible to receive International Donor Grant funding from various sources to upgrade existing services and systems which will result in the reduction of existing system losses, improved penertration of renewable energy sources, and improved energy efficiencies as the RMI moves towards a goal of 100% Renewable Energy sources by 2050.

B. Objectives of the Assignment

To ensure that the MEC is well positioned to transition from its existing aging networks to a modern distribution network which will allow for numerous distributed intermitent renewable energy sources to be connected to the network. The modernized network will require new technology, equipment, protection and monitoring systems as well as relocation of lines, increasing capacites allowing for future demand and climate proofing all parts of the system.

C. Scope of Services, Tasks, Inputs, and Qualification Requirements

1. Scope of Services. - The Consultant shall work with MEC staff, various other consultants and departments of the RMI Government to develop the best possible and most reliable distribution network to suit our tropical location. The Consultant is required to work within the existing MEC management structure, primareily the Distribution division, and being resident in Majuro for a minimum of 300 calender days per year. The assignment is anticipated to last up to three (3) years. There are five main networks located on four different atolls, all within the Marshall Islands. Majuro, the largest, is thirty miles long. Ebeye is ten miles long. Wotje is four miles long. Jaluit one mile long and Rongrong is one mile long. Most are a mix of overhead, underground and some submarine cables. Concepts exist for additional networks. All the networks are composed of radial feeders.
2. Tasks. - The networks are all located within 500 yards of an exposed open ocean surf zone. Ground water levels consist of tidal saltwater and are present at three feet below ground level. This presents a special challenge in developing a long lasting network capable of being econmical for the future 30+ years. This will entail surveying the existing networks which all follow USA distribution system design, voltages and materials and then improving their existing efficiences to reduce immediate losses in various areas. Upgrades will have to be done in phases so development plans will have to be prepared to secure funding for the proposed improvement works. Key tasks will include;
a. Help establish an energy balance system to identify and localize energy losses. This should include associated processes such as metering of generation, feeders and distribution transformers, and mapping of customers within the electrical network.
b. Assist in reducing technical losses in the network by implementing;
i. Distribution transformer size optimization program.
ii. Feeder and transformer load balancing program
c. Reactive compensation and power factor improvement program
d. Conversion of existing portions of 4.16kV network to the same as the rest of the 13.8kV network.
e. Feeder and network cleaning programs.
f. Revamp and improve network protection systems to eliminate multi feeder fault tripping.
g. System protection analysis including protection fuse type and sizing requirements.
h. Develop and impliment a correct surge and lightening arrestor plan for each network
i. Help procure and implement SCADA systems
j. Assist in creating a feeder ring connection between different feeders to improve redundancy and reliability
k. Support development and deployment of comprehensive operation and maintenance procedures for each distribution network.
l. Help develop and deploy health and safety programs for distribution services.
m. Develop a master plan for the development and expansion of the distribution network.
n. Develop and assist with adoption of distribution network technical standards.
o. Perform power system analysis studies (power flow analysis, transient analysis, shortcircuit studies, losses studies, etc.) on an annual basis.
p. Organize regular technical inspections of the distribution network
q. Prepare and update maintenance plans on a regular basis
r. Assist with the development of realistic feeder demand forecasts and the selection of line conductors and transformers based on these forecasts.
s. Organize regular inspections of joints on the connections to the transformers bushing stem, wires, switches, etc., to check whether proper pressure is maintained to avoid heating and sparking of contacts. Supervise the replacement of deteriorated wires and rework connections
t. Organize the rewiring of overloaded lines and the replacement of overloaded and
over sized transformers.
u. Help MEC to develop the necessary skills and acquire tools/software for performing technical analysis of the distribution network’s operation, including power flows and losses, voltage level.
v. Provide support to improve metering standards, security and methods.

3. Inputs. – The consultant is required to commit to the project by providing the following inputs during the duration of the assignment. Inputs and tasks apply to all networks within the RMI.
a. Investigate and determine the various existing systems deficiencies and weak points as a whole system and in sectors. Compile the findings into reports and presentations.
b. Develop detailed solutions and improvements as a whole system and in sectors for implimentation. Compile various required reports, presentations and documents to support the implimentation of the solutions.
c. Work with donor partner consultants to develop projects for the network upgrades representing the best interest of the utility
d. Work closely with and guide local counterparts so they gain experience in these areas. Local counterparts will consist of local linemen and hopefully newly graduated degree or diploma level electrical engineers.
e. Be resident in country for a minimum of 300 calender days per year.

4. Qualifications. – The applicant should have the following required experience.
a. A Masters degree in electrical engineering or relevant field is preferred.
b. At least Twenty (20) years of design, installation and practical working experience in the electrical distribution environment. Preference will apply to experience in USA voltage and component distribution systems.
c. Experience with SCADA, metering, switchgear, protection systems, and substations are required.
d. Management of utility distribution network operations
e. Previous work experience in the Pacific is highly desirable.

D. Location and Terms of the Assignment

The location of the assignment is Majuro, Marshall Islands. A Small Islands Developing State nation in the Central Pacific Ocean, located seven degrees north of the equator. The term of the assignment could be funded for a duration of up to three years.

E. Submission of Application

The Applicant shall submit an application by email to the CEO of Marshalls Energy Company, Mr. Jack Chong-Gum
The email address is: jack.chonggum@mecrmi.net
Please provide a Resume or CV detailing your experience, references and qualifications including potential availability.
This position is advertised from December 27th, 2019 through January 31st, 2020.


As detailed in the TOR.


Posted: 2020-01-05 Expires: 2020-02-04

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Utility Distribution Systems Design Engineer

Marshalls Energy Company
MAJURO Atoll, Marshall Islands 96960

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