Healthcare Job Prospects for Veterans

Healthcare jobs for veterans

Aside from their importance in aiding people in their day-to-day lives, jobs in healthcare provide the American economy a fundamental cornerstone. Small wonder, then, that healthcare jobs are among the most promising prospective careers for veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce. 

And those prospects can see boosts from programs specifically tailored toward translating veterans' military experience into healthcare job opportunities. 

One such example is the Military Medics and Corpsmen Program, offered via the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. Its website describes its mission as "an opportunity to apply hard-earned and at times battle-tested patient care skills under physician supervision while obtaining civilian medical credentials."

It launched in 2016 as the first such program of its kind. It isn't the only opportunity offered veterans to apply their military service directly to healthcare jobs, however. 

The state of California Department of Consumer Affairs, for example, provides a comprehensive breakdown into how veterans are able to apply their service toward certification. Various state boards work directly with veterans to make this certification translation, including a few examples in healthcare: Dental Hygiene Committee of California; Board of Optometry; and the Board of Podiatric Medicine. 

California and Virginia are just two examples. Consult your state's labor department for information on how your military experience can apply to your certification. You can also find guidance in the application process for various jobs targeting veterans, like those found in the CareerCast database