Not Just More Jobs, But Better-Paying Jobs for Veterans

Not Just More Jobs, But Better-Paying Jobs for Veterans

Speaking at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, President Obama advocated for higher-paying job prospects for military veterans.

"We have to make sure our veterans get everything that they have earned, from good healthcare to a good job."

Job prospects for military veterans have improved in recent years. The unemployment rate among all veterans in 2015 was 4.6%, lower than the national average of 5.2%, and the unemployment rate of Gulf War Era II veterans plummeted from 7.2% to 5.8%.

As the number of jobs increase, the next step in an improved labor market for veterans is more accessibility to well-paid careers.

One step to that end: improved job-skill training. Military experience provides unrivaled training in fundamental qualities all employers welcome: discipline, ability to follow instruction, loyalty, dedication.

More accessibility to focused job training helps veterans translate the skills gained in the military to the must-have abilities of specific careers.

Refer to the jobs in the CareerCast Veteran Network database. Most include required skills. Different resources exist to help veterans find specialized training programs, such as the Department of Labor VETS website.

For jobs that require special certification, some states allow veterans to apply military experience toward their certification. Refer to your state's labor website for details.