From The Military to Management

From The Military to Management

Added emphasis on military outreach in the workforce translates to increased managerial opportunities for veterans. The skills veterans in military training translate to readymade leaders in work. Employers are capitalizing on this more frequently, offering more pathways from the military to management.

Eric Schelling, Director of Talent Acquisition for Home Depot, said that the military’s emphasis on leadership proves useful on the job.

“Leadership is the No. 1 quality [veterans] bring [to a job],” he said. “They’re able to rally [colleagues] to accomplish the mission.”

Such a trait is critical for successful managerial positions, and employers take notice. One such company is JPMorgan Chase, which introduced the Branch Manager Training Program as part of its central Military Recruiting Team. The company cultivates the leadership qualities emphasized in any branch of the military to similarly lead at work.

JPMorgan Chase is one of 82 businesses active in the 100,000 Jobs Mission, one of the nation’s many burgeoning programs designed to guide veterans navigating an oftentimes turbulent job market. The growing opportunities resulting from these and other initiatives present excellent potential career paths.

Waste Management is another organization with a proactive military outreach program, with managerial advancement opportunities.

Earlier in 2012, a report found that of the 15 best and most actively growing jobs for veterans, most paid over $60,000 a year. These positions include business development manager, IT program manager, and construction program manager.

All are projected to grow by at least 17% in the next year, per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. The tech sector is leading the way in growth, though veterans will also have an integral place in the recovery of the construction market.

Veterans Build America writes, “Former service members are finding the transition into the construction industry to be not only appealing, but a good use of their military skill set.”

Feds Hire Vets provides an outlet for veteran job seekers to locate the right job, including managerial positions.