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From The Military to Management
Added emphasis on military outreach in the workforce translates to increased managerial opportunities for veterans. The skills veterans in military training translate to readymade leaders in work. Employers are capitalizing on this more frequently, offering more pathways from the military to management. Eric Schelling, Director of Talent Acquisition for Home Depot, said that the military’s emphasis on leadership proves useful on the job. “Leadership is the No. 1 quality [veterans] bring [to a job],” he said. “They’re able to rally [colleagues] to accomplish the mission.” Such a trait is critical for successful managerial positions, and employers take notice. One such ...
Most Veteran-Friendly Cities
A survey of 381 U.S. metropolitan areas finds that San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Houston and Omaha are the top four regions for veterans seeking gainful employment. The study was based on three earlier studies by the MilitaryFriendly and G.I. Jobs magazine that measured the most military friendly businesses and schools and the number of veteran-owned businesses. It also considered the cost of living and the unemployment rate. Researchers assigned a weight of 25 percent each for the number of open jobs at military friendly businesses and the number of military friendly schools, 20 percent for the cost of living, and ...
Employment For Post-9/11 Veterans Lags In 2013
A new report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on veterans’ employment shows that the job market is still challenging for post-Sept. 11, 2001 servicemen and women. Though unemployment for all veterans is 6.6%—in line with the national average of 6.7%—the BLS finds that 9% of veterans who served in the Gulf War-era remain unemployed. This comes despite public and private sector efforts to improve their hiring outlook. According to the BLS, that translates to roughly 200,000 unemployed veterans total. Unemployment for this era of veterans lags behind the national average. However, the national average has improved to ...
Networking Solutions For The Veteran's Job Search
You probably have heard that you have to network as a part of returning to the civilian work world. And many military members are very successful at doing so within the military - yet cannot see quite how to do it for transition. You can't get through TAP or open a business publication without seeing something about networking. Why? Studies show regular networkers are more successful in business and in life. 3 Tips for Successful Transition Networking It's not rocket science or millions of people wouldn't be doing it so successfully. And you know how to do it, too, if ...
Legislation Opens Trucking Opportunities to Military
A bill signed into law this autumn makes trucking career opportunities more accessible for active duty military. The Military Commercial Driver’s License Act of 2012 eases state restrictions on trucking licenses for servicemen and women, a gesture that should help alleviate two pinches on the job market. Service persons can apply experience gained driving military vehicles to the state requirements for licensing. The act also grants access to the transient military population holding residency in one state, but stationed in another. A release from the American Forces Press Service explains the benefits of the act. “Because they move frequently, service ...