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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Healthcare jobs for veterans
Aside from their importance in aiding people in their day-to-day lives, jobs in healthcare provide the American economy a fundamental cornerstone. Small wonder, then, that healthcare jobs are among the most promising prospective careers for veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce. And those prospects can see boosts from programs specifically tailored toward translating veterans' military experience into healthcare job opportunities. One such example is the Military Medics and Corpsmen Program, offered via the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. Its website describes its mission as "an opportunity to apply hard-earned and at times battle-tested patient care skills under physician supervision while ...
Veterans Plugging Into Online Job Searching
So you’re a military veteran who just returned from years of active duty. Though you had a fulfilling experience, you’re ready to get back into the job market and work for an organization that can help you achieve other career goals. Well, after months of searching, you still can’t find a job, which puts you in a group with other unemployed veterans — 7.3% of unemployed veterans to be exact. What do you do? While it’s always frustrating to be unemployed, veterans may have a harder time in the job search process due to their time away, medical issues, or ...
The Best Jobs for Veterans in 2013
New efforts to help America’s population of active duty servicemen and women, reservists and veterans are effective and have opened up rewarding career paths in a range of fields, including information technology, manufacturing and transportation. Both U.S. government programs and private industry are heeding the call to assist those job seekers who made the ultimate commitment to country. First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden head the Joining Forces jobs initiative, which has brought together 2,000 domestic companies with the pledge of hiring 100,000 veterans, as well as the spouses of active duty military members, by the end of ...
Increasing Access To Municipal Jobs For Veterans
A New Jersey township voted to give veterans further preference when applying for municipal jobs, and one proposition of the legislation could see even more opportunities for those with past military experience. Part of West Depford's vote included discussion of extending hiring preferences to experienced reservists. A separate vote on this will occur later, but the result could help set precedent in other locations as the nation continues to work toward improving employment prospects for veterans. READ MORE AT NJ.COM
Overcoming PTSD For Career Success
A few weeks ago, President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union speech that, through the course of this year, 34,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan will be brought back home as part of an overall strategy to remove all combat troops from the region by the end of 2014. While this is undeniably good news for the families who have waited to see their loved ones who've put their lives on the line, the relatively rapid drawdown over the next two years will put extra pressure on a system that is already struggling to place veterans into new careers ...
Hiring Incentive Training Grant Offers Employers Grants For Hiring Veterans
The state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development announced it has more than doubled cash grants available to employers hiring Massachusetts residents who have been unemployed for 6 months or more, or Massachusetts veterans, regardless of length of unemployment. Eligible employers may now apply for grants of $5,000 for each new hire who meets the Hiring Incentive Training Grant program requirements. Employers may receive up to $75,000 each calendar year, according to a news release. Increased grant funding is available through the state’s Hiring Incentive Training Grant, a program of the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. Any for-profit company or ...
Military Experience On The Job Market
"If a man does his best, what else is there?" --General George C. Patton Military Culture As veterans, you lived and worked within a subculture of mainstream America. You lived and worked on bases and installations: ships, submarines, and tents. You ate MREs. Many of you moved a lot (some move every year for 20 years). You deployed to various worldwide locations to protect our freedoms (leaving behind spouses and children). You shopped in PX/BXs and commissaries, and you frequently saw those you knew at the same medical clinics, schools, places of worship, and restaurants, on bases. The world becomes ...
Troop Talent Act Designed To Improve Veteran Employment Communication
The first bill Tim Kaine will introduce as a U.S. senator will seek to smooth the way for military personnel to land civilian jobs. After speaking with military members, Kaine said Wednesday, he realized that too many employers were "not understanding what it is that veterans bring to the table in terms of technical skills, especially enlisted members." For instance, an aviation mechanic who left the Navy would be told "he had to take the courses all over again" to get a similar civilian position, Kaine said. Kaine's Troop Talent Act seeks to improve communications among employers, the military and ...
Government Program Aiding Veterans In The Job Training Process
Veterans have turned to the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program to get a job-seeking rut. After its inception in June 2012, the Veterans Affairs benefit has provided eligible veterans with 12 months of full-time training aid.To enroll, veterans must be 35 to 60 years old, unemployed, not currently employed in a federal or state job training program and honorably discharged. For a full list of eligibility requirements, go to . The program is under review for extension through the end of 2014. More than 140,000 veterans applied for VRAP and more than half of those were quickly enrolled in training ...